To Our Patients:

As you know by now, the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is in our community.  Public Health authorities are working toward limiting the spread of this new virus.  We are actively participating in this community wide effort.

Your safety and health is our utmost concern.

As such, you will notice important changes when you come to our office.

We have implemented enhanced safety measures to reduce the possibility of contamination of all of our visiting patients.  These enhanced infectious disease control measures are now in place.

We are now seeing patients with acute respiratory illness during special hours later in the day.  During these hours, only those patients who need to see us for acute respiratory symptoms will be in the office.   All other patients will be seen earlier in the day.   Please make sure you clearly identify that you have acute respiratory symptoms when you call for an appointment.   If you have an appointment for regular follow up (e.g., a six month blood pressure check) AND you have respiratory symptoms, call the office to have your appointment moved to the special hours.   We reserve the right to reschedule you upon presentation to the office to a later time in the day if necessary.  All patients will be asked about acute respiratory symptoms upon registration.

Additionally, all patients with respiratory symptoms will be given and required to wear a face mask immediately upon arrival.   Acutely ill patients will also be taken to an exam room as soon as possible to minimize cross contamination in the waiting area.

Our exam rooms are being thoroughly disinfected after EVERY visit.  All medical waste (tongue depressors, swabs, thermometer probes) are disposed in medical biohazard bags and sent for incineration.

Enhanced infectious control precautions will be taken during your exam if you come to see us with acute respiratory symptoms.   Your providers will be wearing face masks, eye shield goggles and gloves at all times while tending to you.  This is to protect you and us.

As cases of COVID-19 increase in our community, your providers will be wearing additional safety equipment, including “hazard exposure” suits.   Although this is clearly a departure from our usual work clothing, it may become necessary to provide the utmost protection for you and us.  Please understand that it is very important for all healthcare workers to undertake these precautions to remain well so that we can provide ongoing care to ill patients.

We will care for you in the safest possible manner.  Do not be alarmed by these changes which will ensure your visit with us will is as safe as possible.

We know you are anxious about this outbreak.  It is absolutely understandable.  We are here to care for you.

As always, we appreciate your continued confidence and the privilege of caring for you.